Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cheap brush dupes (EYES) pt 2

Hello everyone, this is the second installment to the cheap brush dupes post that I did before this one. So lets go ahead and get into it =]

1) Your basic eyeshadow brush.

Now this, you can get practically anywhere. Sephora, MAC, and even drugstores have them. They ALL do the same thing.

Here's the one I use:

I got this in a set actually. Posh makes it. I got it at KMart for $9.99, but it came with 4 other brushes, and they're all double ended. Good deal, if you ask me.

2) Flat shader brush

Now this isn't really required to be in your kit, but if you use loose eyeshadows and pigments, this may come in handy in picking up the colors. The brushes are stiff and really pack on the color.

Here's the one I use:

This isn't actually a make up brush XD. It's actually a small paint brush, but it works in the same way. I got this at Michaels craft store for $7.99.

3) Crease brush
To add definition to the eye, we add a color to our crease. To do this, you use a crease brush, right?

Here's the one I use:

I technically didn't pay for this brush XD. I got it FREE with my foundation brush, which is on the post before this. Again, I got this at KMart.

4) Blending

After you finish your look, you want it to look put together right? Well you won't if you have harsh lines everywhere. This is where blending comes into play. Sure, you can use your finger, but that always doesn't get the job done. I recommend using a soft fluffy brush.

Here's the one I use:

This actually came in a set of 5. It came with the "Ecotools 5 piece eye brush kit". I got it at Walgreens for $7.99. It has every tool that I need to complete a look.

5) Highlight brush

To make us look more polished and more awake, or to even add something to the look, we use a highlight color. Usually, this is the lightest eyeshadow that you use in your look. This is optional, I don't use a highlight for every look I do, but for some, I do.

Here's the brush I use:

This brush came in the "eco tools" brush kit, described above.

6) Pencil brush

You can use the pencil brush to give your outer v a shape and to even line your lower lash line without being to dramatic.

Here's the brush I use:

Again, this brush came with the "ecotools brush kit".

Well this is all I have for my cheap brush dupes. I hope you guys enjoyed it! I'll post another summer eye look soon! Bye.

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