Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Bronze/Vegas Strip tutorial

Hey everyone, here is another neutral/bronzy look. I think this one is for the summer because it has the right subtle colors that remind you of that awesome tan that we're all going to get this summer ;). Also, juicystar07, did a tutorial using the same palette I'm using, the only thing I did differently was the outer v. Please go to her channel,, if you want to see her tutorial as well =]. we go!

List of products used:

  1. Ecotools 5 piece eye brush set

  2. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Vegas Strip

  3. L'Oreal Felt tip liquid liner

  4. Covergirl lash blast mascarra in very black

  5. Too Faced Eyeshadow insurance

Now the first thing you want to do is prime your eyes. This is so the shadow doesn't crease.

I'm going to follow every step in juicystar07's video, except for the outer v, so if you'd rather see it done, please go to her channel. If not, then I will continue below.

Next, mix the 2nd and 3rd colors together and put it all over your lid.

Mix the last 2 colors together and put it in your crease.

Now, here's where I go differently. Instead of using a black eyeshadow, which will be too harsh during the summer when you're lounging with friends, I just used the last color in the palette.

I took a pencil brush and got the color on there and then I just put it in my outer v.

Next, line your eyes, put on your mascarra and you're done! A simple summer look made easy =]

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reverse Color Eye Makeup Tutorial

You guys have heard of the "Neutral color pop" eye make up right? Where everything is neutral on top, and then a shocking color on the bottom? Well, in this tutorial, this is like the reverse of it. the color is on top, instead of on the bottom.

List of Products used:

  1. Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Granite

  2. Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner in Endless

  3. Too faced shadow insurance

  4. Covergirl Lash blast in Very Black

The first thing I did was put on my eyeshadow primer. Even though both the eyeliners I used are waterproof, I still wanted to make sure that they would stay in place.

Next, I took the milani eyliner and made a semi thick line on the upper lash line. This will give your eyes that pop of color.

After that, I lined my eyes with the prestige eyeliner on the lower lash line and the water line. This will help your eyes from not looking too bold. I did wear this look the other day in broad daylight.

After that, I just finished up with some mascarra.

This look was really easy to achieve and quick to do. All of my friends loved it =].

On the picture below, the flash made me flinch, so that's why it looks like I have wrinkles lol. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Update =]

Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't been updating a lot lately. I've had some things going on lately but now everything seems to be okay. The next thing I'm going to do is probably a review on a foundation I'm using. Does anyone have any ideas for any tutorials? :) Well I'll talk to you guys later, thanks for reading =]


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Natural 1 Eye Makeup tutorial

Hey everyone =]. Sorry I didn't do a tutorial the next day like I said I would. I had my prom this weekend so everything was kind of chaotic =P. Since I had some free time, I thought I'd do a tutorial on a natural eye. This one is great for school and for the workplace, it gives color, but yet a natural look as well. I named this one "Natural 1" because I have many different neutral eyeshadows, and knowing me, I will probably do a tutorial on all of them. When I get them all up, you can compare them and see which one is best for you =]. Well here we go!

List of Products used:

  1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

  2. L'Oreal felt tip liquid eyeliner

  3. Covergirl lash blast mascarra in very black

  4. Eyeshadow brush

  5. Pencil brush

  6. Small angled brush

  7. Blending brush

  8. Sephora's Wanderlust pure shadow palette

First, prime your eyes.

Next, take your eyeshadow brush and get the color "Serengeti" all over your lid and into the crease just a little bit.

Take your pencil brush and take the color "Andes" and put it just in the outer v, defining the eye. This will give your eye a more definite shape. If you need help find your outer v, you can either google or youtube it, since I probably won't be very good at explaining it. Sorry x.x.

After that, take your blending brush and blend the andes and serengeti color together to avoid any harsh lines.

Next, take your small angled brush and put the color "Sahara" in your inner corners. This will brighten up your eyes, making you look more awake.

Line your eyes with the loreal liquid eyeliner and then put on your mascarra.

Now your done! It's really simple =]. I hope you like it!

***Also, I am open for suggestions. If you have something that you would like me to do in a tutorial, please either comment, im or email me =].

This is my finished look:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Beauty tip!

Hey everyone, since I didn't have time to do a tutorial today (I'll have one tomorrow, I promise!), I decided to just share a little beauty tip that I love. It might not even be a tip o.o....I don't know, I just found this information a few months ago and it helps me a lot, especially when I'm applying lipstick or lipgloss, or even just plain chapstick.

The tip is that before you go to bed, cover your lips in Vaseline, like if you were putting chapstick on. If you have dry lips and can't seem to get rid of them, then try this. I had that problem and now, it's all good =].

When you put this on and you sleep right after, all you're really doing is moisturizing your lips. When you wake up in the morning, you'll wake up to brighter, more smoother and softer lips. =]

Try it and let me know what you think. I'll put up a new tutorial tomorrow, talk to you soon!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Makover Eye Makeup Tutorial

For this tutorial, I basically did a simple pink eye. I didn't use a lot of products because on the day that I wore this, it was 80 degrees out! But yet, thanks to my new foundation (review may be coming soon =]), my makeup nor my eyeshadow came off until I took it off myself =].

List of products used

  1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

  2. L'Oreal Paris Carbon black Lineur Intense felt tip liquid eyeliner

  3. Lancome color design eyeshadow in the shade 'makeover'

  4. Covergirl lashblast volume mascarra in very black

  5. Eyeshadow brush

  6. Blending brush

If you're like me and have really oily skin, you're going to want to prime your eyes to keep it from creasing. You can use Urban Decay's primer or the too faced one or even the new one that benefit has. I only have the too faced one since it's my favorite. All you need is a dot and it covers your entire eyelid.

Next, take any eyeshadow brush you have on hand and take the color 'Makeover' from lancome. Now since this is a very easy color to find, all you really need is a metallicy, shimmery pink if you can't get the lancome one. Put the color all over your lid and even stretch it into your crease just a little bit. You don't want it to be too dramatic since this is going to be a daytime look.

Now to get rid of any harsh lines, take your blending brush and just blend out the line where you stopped applying the eyeshadow. Next, line your eyes with the loreal felt tip liquid eyeliner.

Put on your mascarra and you're done! See, it was very easy =]

Here's a picture of my outcome: