Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Smokey Grey Make up Look

Here is a new make up tutorial. I know I haven't done one in a while. I can't seem to find my camera charger so I had to take the pictures with my webcam. Even though the picture quality isn't great, I promise you that this look is so beautiful. Its great for if you're having friends over for dinner but yet subtle enough for daytime as well.

List of products used:

  1.  Too Faced Naked Eye Palette. Sephor or Ulta, $36
    1. Satin Sheets
    2. Unmentionables
    3. Pink Cheeks
    4. Lap Dance
    5. Stiletto
    6. In The Buff
  2. Liquid eyeliner
  3. Mascarra 
  4. Eye Primer

First, apply your eye primer and blend it out well. I used the NARS one because thats the only one I currently have.

After that, take a flat shader brush, I use the ELF one, and take the color Lap Dance and apply it all over your lid.

Then take a crease brush and take the color Unmentionables and start in the outer corner working your way into the crease and blend.

Wipe off that crease brush real well on a napkin and lightly dip it into the color Stiletto and apply this to your outer corner only, giving it that outer V shape and adding more dimension to the look.

Next, take a small pencil brush and take the color Pink Cheeks and put that in the inner corner. Using the same brush, take the color Satin Sheets and work it into the inner 1/3 of your eyelid, over the color Lap Dance.

Take a fluffy eye brush and take the color In The Buff and put it on the brow bone and using the color to blend out any of the harsh lines you may have in your crease and outer corner.

Lastly, line your eyes and put on your favorite mascarra.

I hope you like this look!

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