Saturday, May 1, 2010

Makover Eye Makeup Tutorial

For this tutorial, I basically did a simple pink eye. I didn't use a lot of products because on the day that I wore this, it was 80 degrees out! But yet, thanks to my new foundation (review may be coming soon =]), my makeup nor my eyeshadow came off until I took it off myself =].

List of products used

  1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

  2. L'Oreal Paris Carbon black Lineur Intense felt tip liquid eyeliner

  3. Lancome color design eyeshadow in the shade 'makeover'

  4. Covergirl lashblast volume mascarra in very black

  5. Eyeshadow brush

  6. Blending brush

If you're like me and have really oily skin, you're going to want to prime your eyes to keep it from creasing. You can use Urban Decay's primer or the too faced one or even the new one that benefit has. I only have the too faced one since it's my favorite. All you need is a dot and it covers your entire eyelid.

Next, take any eyeshadow brush you have on hand and take the color 'Makeover' from lancome. Now since this is a very easy color to find, all you really need is a metallicy, shimmery pink if you can't get the lancome one. Put the color all over your lid and even stretch it into your crease just a little bit. You don't want it to be too dramatic since this is going to be a daytime look.

Now to get rid of any harsh lines, take your blending brush and just blend out the line where you stopped applying the eyeshadow. Next, line your eyes with the loreal felt tip liquid eyeliner.

Put on your mascarra and you're done! See, it was very easy =]

Here's a picture of my outcome:

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