Sunday, May 9, 2010

Natural 1 Eye Makeup tutorial

Hey everyone =]. Sorry I didn't do a tutorial the next day like I said I would. I had my prom this weekend so everything was kind of chaotic =P. Since I had some free time, I thought I'd do a tutorial on a natural eye. This one is great for school and for the workplace, it gives color, but yet a natural look as well. I named this one "Natural 1" because I have many different neutral eyeshadows, and knowing me, I will probably do a tutorial on all of them. When I get them all up, you can compare them and see which one is best for you =]. Well here we go!

List of Products used:

  1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

  2. L'Oreal felt tip liquid eyeliner

  3. Covergirl lash blast mascarra in very black

  4. Eyeshadow brush

  5. Pencil brush

  6. Small angled brush

  7. Blending brush

  8. Sephora's Wanderlust pure shadow palette

First, prime your eyes.

Next, take your eyeshadow brush and get the color "Serengeti" all over your lid and into the crease just a little bit.

Take your pencil brush and take the color "Andes" and put it just in the outer v, defining the eye. This will give your eye a more definite shape. If you need help find your outer v, you can either google or youtube it, since I probably won't be very good at explaining it. Sorry x.x.

After that, take your blending brush and blend the andes and serengeti color together to avoid any harsh lines.

Next, take your small angled brush and put the color "Sahara" in your inner corners. This will brighten up your eyes, making you look more awake.

Line your eyes with the loreal liquid eyeliner and then put on your mascarra.

Now your done! It's really simple =]. I hope you like it!

***Also, I am open for suggestions. If you have something that you would like me to do in a tutorial, please either comment, im or email me =].

This is my finished look:

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  1. hey, i love the look its really pretty and neutral! I'm following your blog now, I hope to see more posts!
    Be sure to check out my blog too
    hugs =)