Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Bronze/Vegas Strip tutorial

Hey everyone, here is another neutral/bronzy look. I think this one is for the summer because it has the right subtle colors that remind you of that awesome tan that we're all going to get this summer ;). Also, juicystar07, did a tutorial using the same palette I'm using, the only thing I did differently was the outer v. Please go to her channel,, if you want to see her tutorial as well =]. we go!

List of products used:

  1. Ecotools 5 piece eye brush set

  2. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Vegas Strip

  3. L'Oreal Felt tip liquid liner

  4. Covergirl lash blast mascarra in very black

  5. Too Faced Eyeshadow insurance

Now the first thing you want to do is prime your eyes. This is so the shadow doesn't crease.

I'm going to follow every step in juicystar07's video, except for the outer v, so if you'd rather see it done, please go to her channel. If not, then I will continue below.

Next, mix the 2nd and 3rd colors together and put it all over your lid.

Mix the last 2 colors together and put it in your crease.

Now, here's where I go differently. Instead of using a black eyeshadow, which will be too harsh during the summer when you're lounging with friends, I just used the last color in the palette.

I took a pencil brush and got the color on there and then I just put it in my outer v.

Next, line your eyes, put on your mascarra and you're done! A simple summer look made easy =]

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